THIS FRIDAY NAKID MAGAZINE – MINI-ISSUE 3: NOSTALGIC BLACK RELEASES!!  Our mini 5×8″ issues that are submission based and themed to give our readers and submissions artists a chance to be published are something we love doing between big quarterly issues, this is our third installment and we wanted to go a route we hadn’t gone yet with our themes, something dark, sexy and nostalgic not to mention even better than the last. Our first was DICKS, then NARCISSISM, and now we are excited to announce the NAKID MAGAZINE – MINI-ISSUE: NOSTALGIC BLACK issue!

We invited artists from around the world to submit to us their interpretation of nostalgia in a vintage black and white mood/setting. The works carry a look that is vintage or presented in a raw old look with a black and white only color scheme. The issue will feature numerous artists and is an ongoing special edition publication that features themed ideas open to interpretation and intended to be thought-provoking and collector pieces. Anyone can submit but only the best are chosen. This Friday marks the third release date of June 17th, 2016! Pre-order now at WE ARE NAKID! The issue drops digitally and in print June 17th, get your limited edition copy while you can! See some of the featured work in this issue below!

LostPolas_Nakid_012-5 1-5 Final 3 Irina_073  yp 4IMG_001 Kirra

2-4Pablo Mendoza - Black Nostalgy 01 5-2

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