Brooke Olimpieri, better known as Filthy Mouth Creative in artistic and fashion circles, is back with a brand spankin’ new exclusive editorial for NAKID! Featuring model Jessica Morrow as the hot blonde, this story is fun and edgy, something to be expected with Brooke’s work which is always on point and inspiring – she makes you wanna grab someone and your camera and go shoot 4 rolls of film for the hell of it, thats the kind of inspiration her work beckons. A fast rising artist, she has also ventured into her own creative agency and her instagram following behind her magazine/blog has already garnered around 150k. She is definitely one to watch as she pumps out shoot after shoot based in LA and Las Vegas!  Look for an exclusive collaboration with her and Dustin Hollywood coming in ISSUE V out in July!

See more of Brooke Olimpieri’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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