Martin Cantos recently shot a short film he released behind the premise of finding himself through others and empowering femininity. Martin, 20, currently based in Quito, Ecuador is also a photographer – always in search of who he is and defining his place in the world, a never-ending search for identity. He see’s himself through those he photographs in the hope of finding a new concept of beauty along the way. With a few studies in Barcelona, Spain, he specializes in portraiture and has been featured in INDIE MagazineNAKID MagazineVICE (with Bratz dolls) and PhotoVogue from Vogue Italia Magazine as well as been part of the Art+Commerce Agency. he is always up to experimenting with new things and discovering new fields within photography, although his favorite are whimsical feminine shoots. As of now, he’s majoring in Advertising.

See more of Martin Cantos work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM