Closely is an eclectic mix of indie pop and house vibes that can fill you with adrenalin and fever pitch dance moves in minutes, complete with bottle taps and other wild percussive elements, their single “Still Here” is a summer jam with a nostalgic feel, perfectly in tune with the other nostalgic happenings around NAKID, the MINI-ISSUE 3: NOSTALGIC BLACK release!

Closely was formed by accident actually, member Michael posted on Kijiji looking for a female singer for a project he was working on & the only response he got was a male guitarist (Joel). Michael and Spenser were writing slow, dreamy pop and Joel was writing electro jams. After a few practices and a lot of experimenting “Closely” was transformed from single talents into a whole and was born.

Look out for the release date: June 20th, 2016

Hear/See more of Closely here:  SOUNDCLOUD / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK


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