Toby Harvard is a London-based screenwriter who is making moves in the film industry, most notably with his movie ‘The Greasy Strangler‘ that premiered at Sundance & SXSW this year and is set for release in October worldwide – the film was produced by Elijah Wood and Ben Wheatley. Something many may not know though is that Harvard is an avid photography fiend, and today we have an exclusive editorial from the screenwriter/photographer featuring his friend Iris!  His work is grainy, dreamy & eccentric at times with color and effect – you feel transported into a future world oozing sexy composition and emotion. Check out the full series only on NAKID and in a few months be sure to check out THE GREASY STRANGLER as it premieres worldwide in October at a theatre near you!
See more of Toby Harvard’s work here: FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM
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