We have featured shoots from photographer Wei Sun here on NAKID in the past, but she recently made the move to Christchurch, New Zealand and is bunking in a cheap motel, and living free, she wrote this short story and did a self-portrait series to go along with it, enjoy!
“Time flies. Where is the beginning, middle, and the end of the story? I can’t tell apart. 
6 years. How did it pass so fast?
6 years is such a long time when you think about it. It’s strange how I still cannot tell whether the world really exists or it’s just all in my head; I cannot tell whether I am really here or just an illusion or a dream in someone’s head. After all, our ability to distinguish, to imagine, to notice, and to understand is perhaps still limited.
6 years is kind of short, too, when you think about it. All those laughter, tears, love stories, hellos and goodbyes…how could time and space manage to squeeze so so many little details into only 6 years?…I’ve asked myself over and over, but in the end I can’t figure out a thing.
6 years, long or short. The past is the past. I know I’ve changed, just like everything else in the world–atoms, molecules, flowers and plants…everything is changing at every moment.
6 years ago, I came all the way across the world to a country that speaks a different language. That me then–dragging a luggage that was bigger than myself around the airport, looking confused and scared, is still right here. I can see the memories displaying on the white walls crystal clear; and that me here or there, is forever reminding me, keeping an eye on me, but mostly encouraging me–to never forget what I came here for, how far I’ve come and my life dream to never give up on.
How many more 6 years do I have left?
I am now staying temporarily in a cheap hotel in a quiet suburb in Christchurch, New Zealand, having a pint and a good yarn with travellers from all over the world, listening to their stories and learning their culture. 
I thought perhaps I lost myself for a period of time. I tired hard to find myself but I couldn’t, so I gave up. But after all this time, I’ve finally realized I actually never lost myself or gave up. Me now or then–sad me or happy me, scared me or brave me, unmotivated me or ambitious me…I am me.”
See more from Wei Sun here:  INSTAGRAM
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