Metamorphosis is the newest exclusive from photographer Joseph Art for NAKID! Featuring model Samadi Valcarcel all the way from La Paz, Bolivia the two seemed of found an abandoned factory and tons of mannequins, which anyone artistic knows that’s a fucking gold mine you just found if it was you, needless to say they put it to good use.  Metamorphosis is described by Joseph like..”Sometimes I feel my body is not enough. I am drowned by the structure of bodies, guided to reach the same. But I was not born the same. I am different. So, looking to my own possibility of transformation is the beginning of a journey of creating my own self”. Joseph Art, an independent fashion photographer from Bolivia, also works in visual arts and lives and works in La Paz he chose to do the photoshoot with the talented actress Samadi Valcarcel while she was in Bolivia visiting her family taking time away from studying acting in Argentina.
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