Jennifer Thayn is a junior at Utah Valley University studying photography and graphic design, an aspiring photography and fashion major and one day career choice. Instead of going the route of self taught she strives to know all their is technically as well as finding her voice, or shall we say ‘eye’ emotionally and aesthetically in her work. Her first exclusive for NAKID titled “Teenage” takes us on a nostalgic journey following a youth energy driven visual story that reminds many of us of the Summer days spent just fucking exploring the towns we lived in for no other reason than we we’re bored and it was fun. Jennifer describes it like this, “The teen years are filled with extreme highs and lows. Experiences are new and emotions are heightened. It is a time of firsts, often with love. I wanted to portray through my photos the way it feels to be a teenager. To show the way it feels to fall in love for the first time. How it’s scary, but exciting. How it feels to be full of doubt and insecurity but also hope and excitement. What it’s like to know nothing but to feel everything..”.

See more of Jennifer Than’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / FLICKR
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