Icarus 2

Words by Amanda Violet Ravotti

Icarus hails from Bristol, England and caters to a style of music that embodies elements of experimental jazz fused with electronic drum and bass. Tom and Ian Griffiths of Icarus have been creating music together since 1997. Currently they are on tour in the United Kingdom this year.
For Icarus, the long game is all about “trying to connect with a fanbase that will stay with you wherever you want to take your music. Having a fanbase who truly believes in your music and who will follow you through the different stages of your career is crucial. That’s what we’ll strive for.” So take a chance to listen to one of their hit songs, Home (feat. Aurora) and bask in the beats. The mesmerizing tone of this electronica music feels atmospheric and utterly sublime. Elevating you to a plane of chill mode, they are an upbeat, groovy music that synthesizes house and trance music elements into beautiful harmony. The adrenaline is definitely there in the rising beats, taking you to a higher plane as it hits a climax of sound every time. We had a chance to catch up the duo this week to talk about what’s next for them.


Amanda: Could you tell me a bit about upcoming new tracks or remixes in the making that are in production mode?

ICARUS: We have a new remix about to drop which is definitely what we consider to be the more ‘club’ side of our productions. We’re excited for that. Then we have another original track coming imminently too. Quite a relaxed, ethereal piece that’s been a standout moment in our sets. We’re really proud of it.

We’re always working on music, so we have quite a lot of unfinished ideas. Something we’re working on now is a project we started maybe a year ago. We’re giving it an update with fresh ideas. At the moment it’s quite progressive with an unusual female vocal on it and an arp line from the Korg MS20, but ask us next week and it may be different!

Amanda: What kinds of changes are you bringing to your music?
ICARUS: Good question. We don’t really plan to make changes, we just write and see what happens. As we stated above, some tunes get written, left for a while and then we go back in on them and tear them apart! Obviously, if we get a new bit of studio gear like a synth or some new plug ins, then that can slightly change the sound of our music.

We do have quite a lot of unreleased material, and we enjoy writing songs as well as club orientated music, so you may hear a mixture of both in the near future.

icarus 1

Amanda: Are there plans to do anything different this year?
ICARUS: We just want to continue to build on what we’ve started and release more music which we feel represents us. We’re doing quite a lot more shows this year and getting to play some great festivals like Park Life, Bestival & Love Box, so we’re getting to test out new music and develop our DJ sets. And we’re moving studio! Your surroundings can have quite a profound affect on your creativity, so we’ll see what sort of music comes out over the next few months!

Amanda: what is something that you’re proud of doing with your music and what are you aspiring to achieve lately?
ICARUS:. Getting signed to the legendary label FFRR / Parlophone is first and foremost our biggest achievement. More recently we’d say that helping to create our video for ‘Home feat. Aurora’ a great experience and we’re very proud of the result. Jackson Ducasse & Grace Lambert did such an amazing job on it.

Our short sighted goal is to finish an album and release it next year. Beyond that, we want to continue to travel as much of the world as possible, playing people our music along the way. And write many more albums, of course!


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