The new EP ‘0:00‘ by Midnight is fire, and today we have his first single ‘Native America feat. The Internet as well as a preview of the EP today on NAKID that’s also available on iTunes now! Today the single will also premiere on BBC Radio extra and soon the EP with more singles is sure to push the producer further up the charts and become a staple of playlists and Summer mixes around the world! The talent, the melodic beats so smooth a babies ass would be jealous – the producer/artist has an aesthetic and style reminiscent of Porter Robinson or The Weekend but his is all his own – It’s always refreshing to see an artist care about their style/aesthetic visually as much as the music itself. More than ever there are fewer and fewer artists caring down to the smallest detail how they present themselves and their work visually as much as they do about pumping out singles to bank on trends before they bust. Artists like Crywolf, Porter Robinson and others are showing that it’s not only important but it can push you into more success and garner more respect as an artist setting you aside and in the spotlight when surrounded by other music artists in your same genre. When the music and your visual story for an album/artist meet so cohesively you get the stuff made of legend, and Midnight is well on his way, so check out the full EP below and the single above and keep an eye out for him as he is definitely one of our artists to watch for 2016/17!
See and hear more of Midnight here:  SOUNDCLOUD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
Purchase the new EP ‘0:00’ here:  APPLE iTUNES