For this month’s July feature of { NAKID ON THE ROAD } we took it to Vegas baby! The amazing Plaza Las Vegas put us up and hosted us in a suite the size of a house for our ISSUE V shoots with model/artist Jenny Parry and model/stylist/photographer Brooke Olimpieri/FilthyMouthCreative for our DUOS! series feature with photographers Dustin Hollywood and Charis Kirchheimer in ISSUE V! Slick, neon bright and old school with a new vibe, this place was a dream come true when it came to shooting. Now a days in Vegas it feels like everything is geared toward either day club drinking, night club drinking, DJ’s and occasionally gambling for people in their 20’s and 30’s. The aesthetic is shit and you’d most likely end up tracking down a grungy motel and shooting there or dive bar if you’re anything like me. Something about the slick/modern/polished look doesn’t feel real to me, kind of like the EDM bubble that’s blowing up; paying $500 for a ticket to see someone have their set list pre-recorded and not live, people sweating carloads of molly on you that’s how much they took, and at a certain point you’re just like, “Why the fuck am I paying for this?”, it’s gotten old, we’re used to it like we get with all things, so the real question is what else is out there now?!

So it was pretty fucking awesome to experience another side of Vegas, that nostalgic retro meets new age vibe that’s downtown now, and the Plaza is in the middle of re-branding everything, finding their own balance with a growing future and younger customer clientele and mixing it with an undeniable brand that’s established and wants to flex it’s muscles. I got to meet and talk with new branding manager, Bronson Olimpieri (N9NE Group, The Palms, Beauty Bar, V Bar at the Venetian, etc.) about some of what’s coming and I was blown away when he showed me the totally re-designed pool and area for outdoor shows as well the red velvety old school showroom for indoor shows. We’re not talking DJ/nightclub shit but real band oriented music, that crazy punk/rock/hip hop/etc. you fucking love. Between the badass Oscar’s Steak House, which we might I add is where they shot one of the best scenes from the movie Casino, or the insane all red, gold curtain, 40 foot stage the showroom, where we basically shot every photo we could until we ran out of film, this trip just blew our mind and we can’t wait to show you in ISSUE V! One of the highlights of the whole weekend was seeing Acid Sisters play for the first time inside the casino – the energy, the alcohol and the music just all came together, definitely keep an eye out for them doing big things!

Until then, proof of the awesomeness that ensued is all in the photos, so without further ado, we give you NAKID ON THE ROAD: VEGAS:

(Photos by Charis Kirchheimer & Dustin Hollywood) – Special shout out to Bronson Olimpieri and RESQWATER



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