Tuck Chaylor was born and raised in a small town in South Carolina. He started capturing moments around July of 2009 when a friend of his bought him a starter DSLR for his birthday. He was taking photos of everything around him and worked with his first model a year later and he was hooked. He knew right away portrait work was all he  really wanted to do. Its a social outlet for him since he is an introvert. he works with film and digital, but mostly digital. He does it for fun, but maybe one day he’ll get to do this for a living. Until that day he will keep moving and shooting.

“I’ve been talking with Luna about working together since January of 2015. Well, finally after a year and a half we got to link up and man that girl is gold. I’ve been working on straying away from the work thats popular right now. There’s a thousand photographers all trying to look exactly the same and that bugs me out. I don’t get it. All i ever wanted to do was separate myself from the herd. So to do that you have to break some “rules”. I wanted bright lights, funky colors, and a beautiful person in a simple setting. There’s no rhyme or reason to it but it’s fucking cool to look at.

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