Can't Stop art Punks

Today on { NEW MUSIC FRIDAYS } we have two badass southern producers you may have already heard of – Zander, a producer/DJ/head of the famed +PRIME+ music/event collective and Left/Right, a producer/DJ/head of the incredibly successful ‘FUTURE‘ party in Dallas that curates music and art for a night of craziness and coming together, both featured in the past here at NAKID, are now stretching their wings rising to new heights with ‘CANT STOP‘. This is their first feature here together and we thought it fitting since they are long time friends and we love what they are doing with not only their scenes in Texas and Dallas, helping to grow the artistic and music movements there, that we feature them as our New Music Friday’s featured artists this Friday. Sit back and chill, throw some headphones on at work, or just blow this shit up in your car wherever you are, without further ado, here is Zander + Left/Right with new music single ‘Cant Stop‘, enjoy!