Today on NAKID we wanted to start showcasing some of the new contributors we have coming onboard, and what better way to do that then start at the top! Theresa Manchester is known to photographers around the world, she travels and shoots with everyone that has any inkling of talent – she currently works as a freelance model and lives on the road full time with her dog Obi. Together, they tour the countryside in search of America’s most stunning landscapes and lesser known wonders. In-between modeling and sitting behind the wheel, she photographs the women she meets on her journeys which brings us to today’s amazing exclusive she shot with model, Sarah – the work submitted is called “Tall”, and the story is an observation of life and lightness, awareness of the physical body, awareness of death, and recognition of soul in the afterlife. The living begin light, but with age grow heavier until physical collapse. Our awareness of self and the richness of our souls keep growing taller until the soul lifts upwards and away from the body.
See more of Theresa Manchester’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM
sarah-TM-NAKID-14 sarah-TM-NAKID-3 sarah-TM-NAKID-9 sarah-TM-NAKID-1 sarah-TM-NAKID-8 sarah-TM-NAKID-2 sarah-TM-NAKID-6 sarah-TM-NAKID-4 sarah-TM-NAKID-12 sarah-TM-NAKID-13 sarah-TM-NAKID-17 sarah-TM-NAKID-7 sarah-TM-NAKID-15 sarah-TM-NAKID-5 sarah-TM-NAKID-16 sarah-TM-NAKID-18 sarah-TM-NAKID-11

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