Carlos Escobar is a Director/Filmmaker/Editor, born in Medellin Colombia, He presently is touring around the world and wanted to share with us his experience by capturing some still images of his journey in La Havana, Cuba while he explored for 11 days and learned about their culture,and perspectives of how they view the world.

The purpose of this trip was to capture the Cuba of today. Cuba is going through a lot of changes and the relationship with the US is starting to make some progress for the better. I am sure it won’t be long before we start seen American tourists sipping mojitos on the beach and a Starbucks in Old Havana, so I wanted to capture it before the transitions begin. I was also very interested in learning more about the people and getting a better understanding on it’s government. One thing is for sure the beauty of La Havana is one of a kind and it has become my favorite corner of the world.” – Carlos

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