_MG_0952 Raphael Umscheid, is a photopher based in Austin, TX. His work often refers to the physical and mental pushes and pulls between humans and our surroundings, and the condition of our reactions to the environment and the compensation of nature as a balancing force for our actions. The creative process and the need for it is also of interest to me as is our destructive natures. This editorial submission is an ode to the classic interplay between the artist and muse and the creative process in general. This scene depicts a moment in an artist’s studio.
See more of Raphael Umscheid’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM



Model: Nora Rosenberg || HMUA: Rafael Virguez

_MG_1006 _MG_0964 _MG_0984 _MG_0993-Edit _MG_1010 _MG_1016 _MG_1000

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