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Today we announce a new section of NAKID, something dark, sexy and may leave you with memories of exactly why you woke up naked on your neighbors lawn the next day. NAKID Media presents { NAKID@NIGHT } – a new series that features nightlife, events and music from around the world. Are you a nightlife photographer and shoot the craziest parties you know the world would love? Do you shoot some of the sickest music events/parties in your city and wish you could get your content seen by hundreds of thousands of readers and industry leaders? Well NAKID wants to give you the chance to showcase the craziest parties and events from around the world that you shoot and NAKID@NIGHT is the new home for our curated nightlife section of NAKID!

Photographers from around the world are invited to submit and showcase events, nightlife, parties, etc. they feel meet the NAKID brands aesthetic and style. Now when we say this, that means it better look fucking amazing, we will deny you if it looks like you and 3 friends sat around smoking weed and occasionally tossing a beer over the railroad tracks ending with your friend puking his lights out and your camera just happening to be his bucket. We want curate the best galleries for some of the best artists/photographers around the world trying to get their work seen. Nightlife photography is an ever growing industry and has been for years, we want to share a part of our circle with those of you who like to party and love to document!  Please read the guidelines below for the rules on how to submit and we look forward to showing your crazy ass nights soon!


GUIDELINES (please read carefully)

  • ALL photos submitted must be at least ( 2000 pixels ) wide. **PLEASE USE DROPBOX or WETRANFER.COM – NO OTHER DOWNLOAD LINK WILL BE ACCEPTED**
  • Must send at least ( 30-50 ) images for gallery.
  • ALL photos must be original and unpublished and owned/created by you.
  • If you are submitting video/film please have it emailed to us via dropbox or wetransfer.com so we can upload/host on NAKID tv as part of the feature gallery.
  • When submitting, please provide full name, links to social media and portfolio, along with the name of the party and the name of the city/venue.
  • Please only submit work that fits our style and aesthetic, we are very strict about what we accept.  If you are unsure then please review our site, we only accept the odd, out there, weird, underground, etc.
  • SUBMIT TO:  [    nakidatnight@nakidmagazine.com    ]

We are only taking exclusive submissions which are completely UNPUBLISHED & EXCLUSIVE (they may not be published or have been published by any other publication or medium) and the published story remains a NAKID Magazine exclusive after publishing as well. By submitting an exclusive story to NAKID Magazine you agree not to send the accepted and published story to any other magazine or website and give sole discretion to use/post work in anyway to NAKID Magazine unless rejected or the 7-day period concludes in which case you may do what you will with the submission including submitting elsewhere.

First, please allow up to 7 DAYS for confirmation of acceptance/publishing date, we are a small team and get hundreds of submissions a day, thank you!

By participating in NAKID Magazine or known as ‘NAKID Media’, its affiliates and assigns the right for NAKIDMagazine.com or any other platform owned by NAKID Media to publish and use the contents in the print/flash-based issues of NAKID Media, on the website NAKIDMagazine.com itself for content, for newsletters, and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr (Social-Profiles) as well as any other medium or platform we so choose. In special cases also for promotion-stuff of NAKID Magazine – like flyers, folders, posters, cards, projections and also for public relations work (PR), like e.g. newspapers, print-magazines, events, exhibitions and presentations. Nakid Magazine and their owners don´t sell your images and interviews without your personal permission by submission such as mini-issues and other forms of publication. Note, that you have to be the only copyright-owner of the images, text, music (…) to submit them. As a photographer you own the written permission of the models and agencies for publishing the images. Basically, you keep all rights to your submissions. However, in the interest of maintaining quality, we retain the right to make spelling/grammatical/visual changes to your work and to use them for the promotion of NAKID Magazine. NAKID Magazine and their editors also retain the right to add annotations as we see fit. You agree, by the acknowledgement of this disclaimer, to not hold NAKID Magazine and their owners responsible for any injury mental, physical, financial or otherwise resulting from the publishing or use of your submission. Also, if anyone sues you for slander/improper use/or otherwise etc. from any content you submit that we decide to publish, you agree to not hold NAKID Magazine and their owners liable. Lastly, NAKID Magazine cannot guarantee that every submission will be published and any submissions improperly submitted may be auto-rejected or the person may even be banned from future features.

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