Ty Segall is one of those artists you can’t just simply miss. Ty and his new band The Muggers has been on tour since mid-January and finally arrived at London’s venue, The Forum, on June the 24th to rock the fuck out. For those desperately wanting to see the band live, they should know that Ty’s concerts are crude, and he gives you a proper head banging, body shaking, ear-splitting real-good-time performance. Earlier this year the California-born musician released his new album “Emotional Mugger” full of abrasive synthesisers and blazing guitar solos. Ty taking the stage at his sold-out Friday night show played the role of rock & roll bandleader to the hilt. He stared at a fixed point in space somewhere back beyond the soundboard – surprisingly, Segall didn’t pick up a guitar for the entire show. The floor was shaking, and everyone was moving in the rhythm of woozy guitar and hard drum beats that make your insides shake. The young fan base, out for the all-ages show in force, responded to the new material enthusiastically, doing stage-diving, crowd-surfing, moshing and jumping throughout the set. Segall and The Muggers played very powerfully, a sardonic, hilarious, punk-inspired live show – playing “Emotional Mugger” in its entirety, front to back, but might have been a little bit of a disappointment for Ty’s fans though. The show was full of emotion, and it wasn’t very hard to just space out and totally feel the music.

At the very end, Ty Segall and The Muggers were full of romantic vibes, playing “Feel”, however, the band smashed the song with a brilliant instrumental solo. The band played two extra songs “Fingers” and “The Feels”, unexpectedly, Ty himself took over the drums and the drummer Evan Burrows sang the last song! His performance was enigmatic, confrontational and affectionate, sometimes all in the same gesture. Ty’s vocals sounded more powerful and dynamic than on the record, but the most of all, I loved the woozy guitars. Lovely undertones connected with filthy grungy drums. Segall and The Muggers are like a secret weapon, heard but not seen, entirely hidden in tangles.

{ Photography by Jessica Gwyneth }

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