Walker Lewis is a film photographer based out of San Francisco who shoots mostly in 35mm. He teamed up with Abigail, a model who has been featured here on NAKID before. Abby is a close personal friend of his and he has known her for a few years now. Lewis used to run a record label/arts collective called Brewing Thoughts until this year when he and abby met for the first time – he was focused on Brewing Thoughts and she was focused on starting a modeling career. A year later, he was focusing on film photography and her instagram growing to 20,000+ followers they decided they would link up and create something amazing for their feature on NAKID. On the rooftops of San Francisco over the Haight Ashbury district the two started their visual journey – the history of the neighborhood alone creates a nostalgic mood within the photos, which were all shot using 35mm film.
See more of Walker Lewis’ work here:  INSTAGRAM / TUMBLR
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