Treasure Island Music Festival has seen kids come party with them for the last 10 years of spectacular music – but this year, their tenth year, has to be quite possibly one of the best lineups we have seen to date. With the likes of Ice Cube and Sigur Ros headling you’d think that would be enough, but as soon as you start to glaze your eyes over the remaining lineup something inside of you starts shuttering, that’s your nerves and anxiety because you are about to explode with excitement that Purity Ring, Young Thug, Glass Animals, Tycho, Neon Indian, Duke Dumont and more are about to make you not only have but feel the best weekend of Summer 2016. Based in the bay area, TIMF as the local festival goers call it for short, has built a reputation for not only setting a standard of high quality presentation with the festival visually and structurally but in creating an atmosphere of love and joy, being in the moment, feeling like you are a part of something right then and there and that you won’t forget it. This year were excited to head back and celebrate covering their decade of being badass, we can’t wait to see what they have in store!

This year we will be teaming up with our new partners OpenCall to do an exclusive editorial for ISSUE VI to coincide with the festival weekend!  To be eligible for the collaboration feature editorial you must be a Stylist, MUA, HMU, Hiar Stylist and/or Model and you must download the OpenCall app which can be done HERE and you can learn how to use the app HERE! More details available when you apply!

To get tickets:  CLICK HERE

See and get more info for the fest here:  FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE / TWITTER

(Take a peek at some of our favorite highlights from last year brought to you by James Pawlish/Lance Skundrich and S.F. photographer Thibault Palomares.)

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