Today we step into the future, we challenge the norm and present a path forward, together, as artists to forge a new expansion of the connectivity between artists and brands, brands and artists, media & brands alike – today NAKID Magazine + OpenCall announce a creative partnership to bring artists from around the world together in one place socially, professionally and creatively for the first time ever! Make no mistake this will be like nothing you have ever seen before, as artists, especially freelance artists having to always push, always be on the move; we are always striving for something to make our lives and connecting to potential clients as well as other creatives for the chance to collaborate, easier. With the world more connected as ever digitally and individuals on-the-go and mobiling everything they do now, it’s hard to fathom why artists have to resort to Instagram, Facebook or other sites to connect and collaborate. Sure there are websites that cater to hosting portfolio’s and more but nothing that can help an artist connect to other creatives in order to come together as a team anywhere at anytime to collaborate and work together.

Imagine you are backpacking Europe or South America, you find inspiration on the beaches of Rio or the streets of Paris and the only thing missing is someone to shoot or collaborate with. Before now that would have been a bitch to try and find someone to work with, but now with OpenCall you can sign on and your geo-location is instantly updated which allows you to see other artists in the same region as well as when you create a ‘Call‘ to collaborate it will automatically put that call out to the artists and other users also in that area. Everything is seamless, the days of hunting hashtags, having to direct message models or artists through Instagram or Model Mayhem are over!

OpenCall is available in every country accessible to the Apple App Store around the world!


The process is simple – you download (right now only available via iOS, Android coming soon!) and then sign-up via your email and Instagram handle which is connected to your OpenCall profile.  Once signed up your profile will then be vetted so we can keep the community legitimate – where professionals and amateurs can trust the work and community is taken seriously, where people come who want to achieve more and push their careers. Once approved you will be able to instantly start making ‘Calls‘. A ‘Call‘ is where you you put out an announcement in the region or area the shoot or collaboration will take place similar to an ‘Ad‘ for other artists to submit for, contact you and then you may choose your team to create magic with!

OpenCall streamlines the experience of what it means to be a working artist today and enables you to do it on your own terms. It is the first app to connect brands, creatives and talents of all kinds in the fashion industry.  Use it to sort users by profession or location, create your own communities, find people to work with and get paid—all within a curated & secure platform that keeps everyone accountable. With OpenCall, you don’t need an agency to represent your work. Let your talent speak for itself. Connect, collaborate and create, everywhere you go.



Find us on OpenCall at the above profile ‘NAKID‘ to see all of our Calls monthly!  We will be putting out calls for ISSUES, Mini-Issues, Collaborations, Events and more! This is just the beginning! Below is a list of tutorials to help you do everything from sign-up to creating calls, messaging and adding artists and more!


{ How To Edit Your Profile }

{ How To Create A Call }

{ How To Edit A Call }

{ How To Browse Artists On OpenCall }

{ How To Choose Artists For Calls }