(Photos by Kellen Restroom – kellenrenstrom.com)

Why would anyone ever dare to break poor Sophie Bee’s heart? Who are those pretty bitches whispering in her man’s ear? I am very much angered and I’m not sure why?

I do not know Sophie Bee personally, I really only just listened to her single ‘Party Glow’ an hour ago, but I feel as if we’ve know each other for decades. Her voice, the submissive way she renders every note on the song. The histrionic piano melody behind a deep and  sporadical bass line that comes in just at the right moments. The resentful words about a demised love and the ghost of their fallen promises. It all just hits you right in the soul.

Sophie Bee is an independent multimedia artist based out of Minneapolis. Her newest music video is really just a recollection of lost tapes from a 40’s and 50’s archive. But when you pair the tapes with Sophie’s music, it captures the melancholia  of both media platforms and traps you in for all 6miutes straight. ‘Party Glow’ sounds like a less drunk Lana del Rey track, with Amy Winehouse’s- like bitter lyrics and a vocal naturalness similar to some Jazz legends such as Norah Jones. We are not sure what the rest of her music will sound like in the future, but we sure hope it encaptures the intricacy and disconsolateness of a heartbreak as eloquently as this song.

Sophie is also a photographer and is most interested in the intersection between images and sounds, therefore producing her own film/photographs and music. Growing up in New York and then moving to the Twin Cities she is strongly influenced by the hum of urban life and draws inspiration from a wide variety of unique influences. These include everything from grunge and hip hop to Jean Luc Goddard films and late 20th century American poetry. She aims to tell stories and transcend even the most unusual of emotions through her work.

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