(Photography by Jose Gallina – Words by Chloe James)


Jose Gallina is a photographer based in South California who produces the most beautifully intimate, laid back images, which can seduce in seconds.

Gallina manages to capture perfection but makes it look so effortless with a voyeuristic documentary feel. The models; the location; the cars, makes for the most insanely dreamy image.


Where are you from?

– Born in Toronto, Canada… but I am Southern Californian.

Where did you grow up?

– I jumped the gun, answered this a little prematurely. I’ve been in Southern California since I was a child. I’m so thankful that by chance my parents picked this place to move to… I think I would have done similar things to what I am doing now, no matter where I grew up. But, fortunately, I got dropped right into the epicenter of everything I am passionate about.

How would you describe your own work?

– I try my best to keep it real. I don’t like faux feelings. But naturally I love perfection. So a slightly perfected and idealized version of reality, the perfect day, the perfect moment, the perfect feeling. Emphasis on the word slightly!

What/who inspires you?

– I pull inspiration from so many places. I was born curious. I don’t want to give away the complete list, but here are a few whos and whats: Jesse James (The chopper builder), David Bellemere, Mark Arcenal, Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), my dad, Ayrton Senna, my close friends, Laurent Nivalle. Some whats: The way the sun sets, old motorbikes, Italy, Japan, San Pelegrino Sparkling Aranciata… and so, so many more things.


Does your work involve nudity?

– If it’s needed.

How do you feel about nudity?

– I like it. Women are amazing to look at. I would love to see a generation that takes less offense to nudity and doesn’t assimilate it with ‘sex’ in such a crude way. A nude human is at their most raw form, it strips away the clothes therefore stripping away more chances for assumptions or stereotypes to be made. Most simpletons see a nipple and cry ‘PORN’, silly.

As a photographer, is traveling important to your work?

– It has been, and will continue to be. I have been fortunate enough to be able to give myself the time to go to places I dreamed of as a younger man. It’s important for anyone doing anything. As a human, traveling is important for the way you are going to (be) human.

Where’s your favorite location to shoot at?

– Laguna Beach, CA

What advice would you give to young artists trying to make it?

– It’s cliche, but it’s all I heard… and now looking back I am so thankful to have heard it. (Drum roll) “Just keep shooting.”

Who/what is your spirit animal?

– Definitely a male lion

– – – – – – – – – – – –

See more of Jose Gallina’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK