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(Photography by – TYRONE LAVIGNE – Words by Chloe James)

Nineteen year old model Hannah Rose Masi followed in her sisters steps and found her passion modeling. Growing up in Valencia, Los Angeles after moving from Phoenix, she finds herself spending quality time with her dog, travelling and working out.. and we can see it! What a beautiful gal.

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(Photography by Amos Haley)

Where are you from?

– I was born in Phoenix, but moved to Los Angeles when I was really young, so it feels like I’m from here.

Where did you grow up?

– I grew up in Valencia, a bit north of West Hollywood, where I live now.

What got you into modeling?

– I actually followed in my big sisters footsteps, but when I got a bit older she actually quit but I continued doing it and I was like, “oh wow! I actually really like this?! And not just cause I’m a copycat!?” And then I just kept going with it.

What do you do in your spare time?

– I love to work out, spin and boxing are my go to’s. I love to go on walks with my dog, go to lunch, coffee, shop & shop & shop..ya know, just the normal things a 19 year old would do.

Do you travel much?

– I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit the last year.

Where is your dream destination to travel?

– Take me to Paris!!!!

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How do you feel about nudity?

– Everyone has a body, and everyone should be able to feel comfortable with it. That doesn’t mean you have to go boobs out all the time, but you should be confident in being like “hey here’s my body and I’m hot af” I think more people, especially young women, should feel like that. Self confidence is something that people look down upon for some reason? Like its bad if you have too much? I mean be humble, always… But be confident, know you’re special and worth the world.

Is nudity ever featured in your work?

– There is a bit of nudity or more “suggestive” images for sure… Just workin’ what Mama Masi gave me!

What tips would you give to young girls aspiring to be in your position?

– Go for it. Be true to yourself, but let people guide you.. Be smart. Mostly just have fun, that’s what it’s all about. Say yes to new experiences that scare you or put you out of your comfort zone, because you can absolutely handle it.

Who/what is your spirit animal?

– Haha my best friend says I’m a little arctic fox. I think because I’m always jumping around, always happy, and always making weird noises. And I love cold weather!

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See more of Hannah Rose Masi here: INSTAGRAM / TWITTER

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(Photography by Michael Donovan)