“I’ve been always scared to listen to all these legendary bands cause I thought its gonna disappoint me. First, you think they are kind of experience but then when you put them on, you realise they are just another band” explains Isaac Robson about his early music influences while we chat in the garden near London’s Brixton Underground Station.

South London based Tangerines are four piece band formed by Gareth HoskinsIsaac RobsonMiles Prestia and Ricky Clark. Tangerines’ music might seem a bit odd with 21st London psychedelic beats, however, these guys are live prove that rock’n’roll is NOT dead yet!


How did you start being a band? How did you meet?

Isaac Robson: I’ve known Gareth for so long , when we were still kids, maybe like 10. I went to school with him. The first band I’ve ever played in was with Gareth, so I guess we played a lot together. We made a lot of music together. Gareth asked me to play the drums for him after he split up with his last band,so we were jamming for a while.We had all these songs, and we kinda started looking other people to play with us. That how we met Ricky through our manager Pete at Gun Factory in Stoke Newington studios.

Ricky Clark : Yeah, he was talking about the party and….

Gareth Hoskins : A few months later I met Miles down the road from here [Brixton] we were both pretty fucking drunk or high.

Miles Prestia: It was like 4 in the morning.

Gareth Hoskins: During the conversation, I said “Do you play the guitar?” and he played the guitar. That was it. Then he came along, tried some stuff out at the studio in Primrose Hill and then we ended up doing shit.

Isaac Robson: I think the special moment was when we were the first time in the room together to record.

Gareth Hoskins: It was quite magical.

What is your first memory of music?

Gareth Hoskins:It’s probably my dad playing records,maybe when I was like 4-5. T. Rex on vinyl and I was just like dancing around in my gym-jams.

Isaac Robson: My mom had an album which was the best punk album in the world ever and had some awful title “Milk and Alcohol” by Dr. Feelgood. The first record I’ve ever heard was “Red, Red Wine” by UB40 (laughs)

Ricky Clark: My dad was really into his blues.I remember getting into David Bowie from my mom. She was massive into David Bowie, Blondie. I was pretty obsessed with Michael Jackson when I was really young. I used to dress like him and try to dance.

Miles Prestia :My dad used to be a music promoter for 30 years and he’d put down gigs, and literally I can’t remember if he put on this gig, or he took me there because I was maybe like three, I think it was Rufus Thomas.My mom and dad would tell me; he is the king of soul.

What musician or band inspired you to become a musician?

Miles Prestia: Jimmy Page

Gareth Hoskins : I didn’t think about the popularity behind it I just wanted to play some fucking good music and the music that was so great when I was growing up. There is tons of fucking music that influenced me anyway.  The Velvet UndergroundTalking Heads.

Isaac Robson: I always found it doesn’t really matter who it is but when you find that next piece of music you’ve never heard and you just get a rush from hearing it. I think that was a thing that made me do music.

Ricky Clark: I remember when I first heard Cream. They’re from the 60s and they just sounded so cool!


How did ” Skin Dives” come about?

Gareth Hoskins: I did like a demo of it entirely on my own, probably in my bedroom. It’s quite a druggy song, it’s quite nasty but sort of colorful rock’n’roll tune.

If your life were a movie, what movie would it be?

Isaac Robson: Bat Man ForeverBat Man Forever

Miles Prestia: Mystery Train

Ricky Clark: Rope

Gareth Hoskins: Any Fellini films, 8 1/2

What are you currently working on?

Ricky Clark : New album really, we’ve got so many songs now.

Gareth Hoskins: I think we just now writing towards the second album, even though the first album is not even mixed yet.

What song are you playing on repeat now?

Isaac Robson: Alice Coltrane

Miles Prestia: Wooly Bully

Ricky Clark: Psycho CandyDavid Bowie- Young Americans

Gareth Hoskins: Lazycame

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