Photo b Scarlett Stephenson-Connolly

Hideout releases single “Changing Us All” and it is an indie rock delight.  Hideout consists of Gabriel Rodriguez and Cory Stier; both are touring musicians playing with Cults.  The single “Changing Us All” is a dreamy,  experimental, indie rock tune with a melodic guitar riff.  “Changing Us All” is first heard on Hideout’s debut album, Rookie. But the release of this song comes as a warm up for the release of Hideout’s sophomore album.  Hideout’s second album is set to be released this fall with Small Plate and excitedly I wait to see what yummy goodness Hideout comes up with.

According to the band’s page the inception of the band began on the road.    When Gabriel and Cory are not on the road the two reside on opposite sides of the country.  One lives in San Diego while the other lives in Manhattan. Gabe speaks of collaborating on music cross-country that he would start with a guitar riff and send it to Cory who would work on the rhythm “We talk about it on the phone, and in person when our schedules allow us to meet up. We both tour in Cults so sometimes we work in hotel rooms or backstage or in the van.”

If you are a fan of Real Estate, The Walkmen, Beatles, and/or the Beach Boys I highly recommend giving these guys a listen.

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