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Hope Rota aka Letargoahogado, is a soon to be 23-year-old girl trying to make it in Athens, she’s a singer, songwriter, pianist and a photographer as well. Her voice kinda reminds me of a David Lynch movie starring Lana del Rey, or some forgotten 60s record. She’s pure nostalgia and this reflects on her work in a kinda dreamy way.

So how would you describe life in Athens? Are there enough ‘artistic’ opportunities?

– Living in Athens is beautiful. There are many opportunities in every artistic -and not only- direction, as long as you pursue whatever you’re up to. On the field of art, it is kinda harder making it,for sure, but I deeply believe that if you love what you do, and you’re able to give some new & different to the world, you will succeed.

There’s something really extraterrestrial about your voice. How would you describe your music genre? When and mostly how, music initially started?

– Hm. It incidentally emerged in 2011. Regarding the song at least, cause I can remember myself since I was a kid being in the music school, trying to learn the piano. I guess I was a little unwilling to learn, or maybe I was just too lazy. I enjoyed it though, so I was playing whatever I was interested in mostly by listenin’ to a song. So basically like this I ended up playing pieces of my choice, mumbling to them, until I actually decided to start singing.
Furthermore about my music, I couldn’t lie, I’m having a hard time trying to specify what my actual genre is. I would say that my work ranges from soul to blues and from trip hop to pop, so I guess it’s just a combination of all these.


Is there any particular source of inspiration (e.g an artist, experiences & memories) which moves you musically?

– Experiences have a major impact on me for sure, especially regarding songs I write myself -and that I do not dare publishing any yet-. I’ve been generally inspired by the Massive Attack, Black Keys and Lana Del Rey  which I see as the priestess of vintage pop wave, if I may describe this somehow.


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You write your own songs as well. As far as lyrics are concerned, what is your main motif? Also, I noticed there isn’t much of your music -hopefully yet- on social media; why’s that?

– I hadn’t -and I still have not- decided yet if I wanna chase it professionally. I’m for sure trying to externalize my work, that’s why I started posting covers of mine on Instagram. I was just being more casual, but this might change soon. You see I’m kinda still wavering between music & photography, despite the fact that I still think myself of an amateur in both of these two.
My lyrics mainly focus on personal experiences and on other feelings that I can’t express otherwise than through my music. I’m still searching though.


About that, you’re up to photography as well. I can tell that your whole work is based on pure nostalgia feelings about post decades and eras. Tell me more about it.

– Well, photography started even more randomly than music. It all happened when I made my Instagram account. I had borrowed then my best friend’s camera – a simple compact one- and I was shooting whatever was catching my eye while I was out and about. Most of the time, what drew my attention was something romantic. Almost a year ago I bought myself my first camera and I kept up with that nostalgia motif I had from the beginning -you know, the nostalgic one-. However, I wanted this feeling to be kinda sexy as well. I didn’t even notice when I started coming about with photo-shoot ideas about girls. Most of my ”models” are friends of mine who where more than willing to help me incarnate my visions. And, it would be superfluous to say that Lana owns a great amount of inspiration for my photography as she does in my music as well.

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There is something worn, aged about your work, although it is clearly depicted the feeling of an eternal childishness. Name 3 of your all-times favorite movies.

– Lolita, Gone with the Wind & The Kite Runner

What’s your opinion on nudity? Given that still, it is definitely not an issue the world is fully familiar with.

– Yeah I’m aware of it. And it is bad. However, I’m not sure yet if there is any point in trying to change most people’s minds as far as nudity is concerned. It is just our body, there is nothing weird, sick of shameful about it.
Plus, I fully believe that if you work the nude boy in the right way, it could be one of the most possibly beautiful art forms, no matter how you use it.

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Is there any anxiety, or any fears about the future, and if so how do you manage passing through them?

– I sure have fears and a reasonable amount of anxiety -we all do-. I’m mostly anxious about finding the thing that expresses me and fulfills me the most. So far, I’m doing what I feel serves me the most, until I find the one that totally suits me.

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You can find her here Instagram and here Facebook