End summer at a banging party in Atlanta – Imagine Festival returns to the dirty south to party like they have never partied before. For 2016 the festival is extending to three days and also offers camping so the party does not have to stop. In the past the EDM festival has been held in the heart of the city but this year Imagine is expanding it’s awesomeness out to the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Having the festival in the heart of the city was pretty cool but having more space at the speedway just means there is more room to rage. I am also pretty jazzed about the camping.   Camping at the festival is going to totally immerse festivalgoers into the aquatic fairytale that is Imagine. I wonder if people are even going to be able to sleep at the campsites though because the bass at Imagine Festival is freaking crazy loud. The whole festival is fun but I must say it may almost be worth it to go just to experience the bass.  It is impressive.


The lineup for this year includes: Adventure Club, The Disco Biscuits, Gramatik, NERO, Benny Benassi, Beats Antique, Aphrodite, AK1200, 12th Planet, and a lot more.   Bringing their heavy beats  Mantis returns to Imagine this year. The Atlanta based duo released an EP this year, Avidity.  My favorite track on the EP is “Depths” featuring Maksim. Another Atlanta born duo is set to appear this year as well, the Ying Yang twins. And while the Ying Yang twins have not released any new material recently I imagine their show will be fun as hell.



Imagine Festival is very supportive of artists with varied talents.  Last year at Imagine fest performers were sprawled everywhere; Aerial performers hung above audiences, stilt walkers mingled with the crowd, dancers on every stage, and there were trampoline acrobatics flipping in the air. Wherever someone looked there was something going on.The 2015 festival also featured street artists each with their own unique style.   Imagine Festival should be a fun party and a solid way to end summer. Do not want to miss this…The party starts August 26 and ends August 28.


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Photos by: Christina Pradhan from Imagine Festival 2015