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(Photography By Bridget Baker)

Today on NAKID we introduce to you one of our favorite artists on the rise. Manatee Commune, aka Grant Eadie, is pure musical bliss composed of live instrumentals and electronic synths. Grant is truly the master of his craft, using the viola,drums, guitar, and synthesizer to create a rich, ethereal sound that is sure to pull at your heart strings.

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(Photography by Brian Oh)

Manatee Communes debut album, “Brush” was released in 2014 and proved to be an excellent showcase of his musical talent. His heart and soul went into the conception and creation of “Brush”, pulling most of his inspiration from his beautiful Pacific Northwest surroundings. Captured sounds of the forest are beautifully paired with instrumentals and melodies that have you not only hearing the music, but feeling it as well.

In early 2016, Manatee Commune released “Thistle”, a six track EP that was love at first listen. Grants loyal fanbase immediately connected with this intimate EP, featuring captivating vocals from Maiah Manser and his girlfriend, Marina Price.

Now, only 6 months later, Manatee Commune is preparing to drop a self-titled LP on September 16th. The single “The Garden Song” Ft. Moorea Masa, released just yesterday, gives us a preview of what is to come. If love was a song , this would be it. He has bottled the way it feels to be infinite, and if it doesn’t put a smile on your face I don’t know what will.

Be sure to catch his show in your city to see, hear, and feel the full experience that is Manatee Commune.

8/12 Thee Parkside -San Francisco,CA

8/14 Nectar Lounge – Seattle,WA

8/16 Majestic- Madison,WI

8/17 Shubas- Chicago, IL

8/18 Milkboy- Philadelphia,PA

8/19 Alphaville- Brooklyn,NY

8/20 Songbyrd- Washington D.C.


Keep up with  Manatee Commune on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.