(words by EMILY SLUPECKA / photography by JESSICA GWYNETH)

Ausmuteants are a four piece band from Melbourne, Australia. “Influenced from 70’s and early 80’s punk but also melodies from  electronic disco.” Jake Robertson explains what do they sound like. The band includes  Robertson himself, Billy Gardner, Shaun Connor and Marc Dean.

The group released their first self-titled album by the end of 2013, a couple of months later they dropped their second record “Split Personalities” on In the Shit Record offering ripping, captivating, fun synth-punk . A year later the band realised “Order Of Operation” featuring something utterly brilliant and creative yet simple and honest. “Band of the Future” dropped earlier this year is the newest album of these Australian weirdos.

I randomly discovered Ausmuteants when they played support at one of Ty Segall’s London shows and frankly, from the first minute they dragged me into their blazing music.  They didn’t sound like every other band I know. I meet Jake Robinson behind the Kentish Town Forum in the middle of the night, he’s sitting on the grass and eating his juicy, sweet mandarines.



Please, can you tell us something about your band?

Jake Robertson: We started in 2011, and that was just the drummer and me, and we did everything. We swapped over instruments, and we did like an album without playing any shows, having a band name or anything. We just made an album because we were bored and our friends were doing heroin and acid, and we aren’t. So we made an album. I was kinda sick of everybody loving the San Francisco sound.Then we got the other guys and did regular shows, and started playing around in Melbourne.

How many albums did you record in total?

Jake Robertson: Three albums, plus two live albums.Everything played in 8 bands. The drummer is like in 3-4 bands. It kinda happens in Australia.

How the music scene works in Australia?

Jake Robertson:There is an insane music scene is really good. For a while, it was male dominated and at the moments is a gender balance ,is just like tilting. There is probably not more bands with a girl in them, but I reckon pretty equally.


What’s your favourite band from the 70’s?

Jake Robertson: Oh, I don’t know. I guess a lot of like DIY bands – the Saints – Australian punk band, who in fact moved to England and everyone thought they were ripping off Sex Pistols.

Is Melbourne better than Sydney?

Jake Robertson: Yeah, I grew up in Sydney, so I’m allowed to say that. Sydney kinda has quality but not quantity, where Melbourne have both. In Melbourne, every person play music, or there are a lot of art spaces, and all is very DIY.

Do you all have different roles in the band?

Jake Robertson: Yeah, like video games guy, fashion guy, nerdy guy.

What do you do all day?

Jake Robertson: I just look at pics of cats



To see/hear more of Ausmueants here:  FACEBOOK | SPOTFY | YOUTUBE 

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