Photographer Jonas Gunn and model Katarina Marie Mannequin teamed up in this exclusive editorial for NAKID titled ‘A Show Of Hands’ shot at the Scary Canary. Gunn, a UK based photographer specialising in editorials and story pieces is particularly interested in shooting honesty in candid, fashion, lifestyle and erotics genres, often combining 3 or 4 into single stories. Keeping it fun and sexy the two play a delicate dance of provocative love and wild nature as Katarina moves from moment to moment and Gunn frames them in a way that keeps you wanting more! When asked about the story he had this to say:
“The Piece: 1:1 conversationalist piece representing close relationship between the model and the viewer – no holds barred open door look into the personality of the subject displaying sexuality and freedom of spirit. Shot lo-fi with hard flash and little regard for photographic rules. I deliberately shot against my normal method of shooting from below the model – challenging Katarina to use her own strength to wrestle power back from the viewer. The venue was selected for its quirky interior and rich balance of colour and texture”
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Title: A show of hands
Photographer: Jonas Gunn

Model: Katarina Marie Mannequin
Wardrobe: Model’s own
Location: Scary Canary
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