Mac Miller – Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak)

Who would have known this collab was ever in the works, even if you told me I would not have thought it would have sounded like this. Dang! is the perfect track to dedicate to your significant other when she/he mad to make them not be so mad anymore. It’s an escape rout you take when you fucked up in your relationship and all you want is to make your GF laugh. Play this song for her, sing it to her. It’s taunting, it’s fun. The song you jam the F out to when no one is watching. Looking forward to more music from these two buoyant artist.

By Manuel Frayre

Brian Fresco ‘Higher’ feat. Chance The Rapper and Blue Hawaii

BrianFresco is a Chicago native breaking out of the local scene as part of one of Chance the Rapper’s influencers. His song ‘Higher’ is one for the most dynamic records we’ve heard all year. Higher is a mashup of many musical styles from different parts of the glove. The Caribbean vibe at the beginning is as contagious as most of the No. 1 hits currently out on Billboard, add a bit of House beats and high pitch vocals and we are game. It locks you in within the first 30 seconds. Chance the Rapper comes in towards the end with a trap bass line and a sick verse.

By Manuel Frayre


We could say that PARTYNEXTDOOR had a big part at perfecting Drake’s thirsty Thirsty Rap style, being signed to OVO Sound, he and Drake have worked on so much music and spend so much time together that their sound became very similar. PARTYNEXTDOOR however, takes a darker approach. He is more of the take a pill, light the candles and fuck until we fall in love, then hate each other when the high is gone. It’s a rollercoaster of fucked up emotions, and you can feel every single one of them in the track ‘1942’. His album just dropped last night, and to me ‘1942’ is the stand out of the record. Listen and you know what I’m talking about.

By Manuel Frayre

Noname – Diddy Bop (ft. Raury & Cam O’bi)

I hope you are ready for the newest feel-good Rap underground sensation, it feels like almost without trying Noname has become the female rapper we know very little about but go crazy everytime she drops a track. Noname’s genuine style is so attractive and mysterious that it has the potential to hit the market of similar artist like Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean and Raury. For this track Diddy Bop, she is joint by Raury himself and Cam O’bi. The track is an auspicious ode to the future lovers and the memories of the past ones. One of the most relaxing songs you will hear this week.

By Manuel Frayre

Grace Joyner ‘Maybe Sometimes – in C’

Earlier this year Grace Joyner released her first full-length album, Maybe Sometimes in C.   The songstress began in Charleston, SC where her dreamy pop music is the perfect backdrop to the sweltering southern heat and humidity.  Grace’s music is dreamy, sweet, indie pop, with a graceful yet haunting voice singing about heartache and failure.  The song “Dreams” on Maybe Sometimes in C is reminiscent of Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac.  In 2014 Grace Joyner released her EP Young Fools on Hearts & Plugs.  Sticking with her pals Hearts & Plugs Grace released her album.  Grace’s album shows her maturing in her songwriting as compared to the EP Young Fools. Grace has since moved to Asheville, another hot bed of music in the south and is currently touring in South Carolina.

By Christina Pradhan

KLLO ‘Bolide’

Klllo’s new EP, “Well Worn” is effortlessly making itself everyone’s new life soundtrack. This Australian family duo masters the mix of ethereal, sultry R&B vocals and energetic bass lines. The single “Bolide”, named after a type of meteor, is so well executed, you will feel like you know the words before you even have a chance to finish the song. “Boiled” instantly reminds us of some of our longtime favorites like SBTRKT and has an uncanny vocal resemblance to Yukimi Nagano of  “Little Dragon.” The tracks use of a 2 step muted drum and breathy vocals create a sense of genuine yearning and soul. Like every other song on this five track EP, it is impossible not to love it.

  By Jordan Peynee


K?D ‘Discover’ ft. RKCB

You know when you hear an artist for the first time, you hear that one track from them that is so good and imaginative. It makes you want to like all of their social media to make sure you don’t miss any future music from him. This is what is happening to K?D, the track ‘Discover’ is the track that will mark this youngster’s career. It’s melodically histrionic, the vocals are gut-wrenching in the most amazing way possible and the lyrics are something from a very inspirational comic novel. Do not pass out on this track.

By Manuel Frayre

Clowns ‘Destroy the Evidence’

Badass punk band, Clowns have released a video for their single “Destroy the Evidence”.  The crew is from Melbourne, Australia and do not let the name fool you.  Clowns are melting faces with their hardcore punk.  According to the band’s site Clowns are described as: “Combining a vicious base layer of punishing punk rock combined with influences that range from 77’ punk, to underground Australian rock, as well as thrash, doom, noise and power pop all loaded with chaos, energy and fun. “  The video for “Destroy the Evidence” is loaded with chaos, energy and fun too as it follows the guys on tour and playing live shows.  There is a great bit at the end where a dude says that “They are the fucking band to see” and I could not agree more.  Clowns are currently touring across Australia and are set to release a new album soon.

By Christina Pradhan

Lido ‘Back It Up’ ft. THEY.

Lido  once again proving he is the best at experimenting and killing time. While learning how to use Ableton the producer dabbled with a few tracks just for fun, and without even trying too hard the outcome became one more amazing remix for his repertory. This time around he puts his own touch one of Nakid’s favorite newcomers THEY. The track was already a solid melody on its own, it had one of those repetitive melodies that make a hit a hit, yet it never gets old. Lido just came in and added the right accents in the in between. His high pitched choir-like productions always set his tracks apart. Listen to it, it’s ridiculous how easy it is to tell apart the Lido from the THEY., makes you appreciate the track even more.

Dave B-Parallel (Produced by Sango)

Could we ask for more? Sango, a prominent Hip-hop and R&B producer and core part of Soulection , and Dave B, an emerging Hip-hop talent, join forces to make one hell of an album. “Tomorrow”, released July 22, out of their hometown of Seattle, WA, paints a picture of the city and sends a genuine message. This collaboration is both contemplative and youthful and lacks no depth in its content. This is a very real approach and is received that way, making major waves in their local scene.

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