SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview02
Lukas Lerperger, a film maker and photographer from Austria, sent us this set the other day with unknown model.  This clean and bright photoset, from our point of view, touches on the relationship between the model and the photographer aka artist and art.  Shooting with a model is most definitely a creative relationship.  Each photographer needs a model just as much as each model needs a photographer.  Its all about the creation of art!  Thanks for sending us this set Lukas.

For more of Lukas’ work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / TUMBLR

SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview05 SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview16 SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview17 SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview13 SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview12 SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview11 SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview04 SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview15 SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview10 SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview08 SophiaSzabo by LukasLerperger_Analog_Preview01