Ricky Miramonte, is a fashion photographer and he recently went on a spontaneous road trip with his good friend and shares a little blurb and visual story of their day on the road with us here at NAKID.
“Noelani and I have been friends for a couple of years.  And 6 months ago she announced she was getting married and moving to Germany to be with her fiancé, we decided we needed one last road trip to shoot some dope things and bond.  We thought it was our last shoot ever. We were both wrong. Imagine her surprise being back in the states 2 months later.  Her visa denied, couch surfing from one friends to another.  I hadn’t been shooting much, and with my friend back in the states, i asked her to come along on another road trip.  We ended up at a nude beach in San Diego.  I had my digital camera.  But I felt her return needed something a little special.  Instax was the answer.  This set is the result.”

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Model- Noelani Bradley    Body Suit Designer- Moldie Golides