Gaspar Marquez, was born in Mexico and soon developed an addiction for photography and the arts, as a child would take his mother’s camera and shoot  just for fun  without her consent. Later, moved to San Francisco CA. Studied photography while struggling and wandered through America. He’s currently working on independent projects, working as a Fine Art/fashion/Advertising photographer/Videographer . He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
 “Edgy Editorial , it’s actually very funny , ’cause I was supposed to shoot Gia only, she was coming from FL to NY , but her sister came along too , and she couldn’t resist to be in front of the camera , so everything was very spontaneous but genuine at the same time ..we ended up drinking IDK how many bottles of wine and trashing the hotel room, but we managed to shoot this really cool Black & White Impossible film, the new Polaroid , and kinda expensive by the way, but the outcome  was pretty cool ! and would love to share it with you guys …”

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Model- Gia & Noma 34569101112