Conquering Your Paper Demons
Kareem Berjaoui, is a self taught photographer based in London, England. Working freelance within the fields of photography and also graphic design. Having studied Graphic Information Design at Westminster University, she initially worked a short stint as a videographer, until deciding to breach more into photography and pursuing it further. Having showcased at photography events she has been able to present works that challenge certain visual ideas mainly through portrait photography.
For the last year I have been working on a collection of photos titled ‘Paper Expressions’ that use paper to illustrate various ideas and stories. The key idea behind this was to use paper to tell those stories rather than traditionally write the stories on them instead. 
See more of Kareem Berjaoui’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FLICKR
Paper Come Rain Or ShineYou Give Me (paper) ButterfliesPaper HeartbreakConsumed By (Paper) EmotionPaper Carelessness Causes CancerPaper Expression