Nashville is mostly known for the country music and people dressed all in cowboy boots. But these days Tennessee capital is bustling with many new garage rock bands! “Nashville is such a magical place as far as the scene goes, it’s really tightly wound and everyone sees or hears about anything anyone does artistically,whether they know the artist or not” explains the frontman of Goth Babe Griffin Washburn. The City of Nashville is definitely a place where you as a musician can make things happen.

Former The Lagoons frontman Griffin Washburn, after moving to Nashville from Memphis wanted to try a new heavier sound. He wrote some lyrics and gathered up his homies Curtis JohnsonLuke Schloemer and Nic Jiosa ,and that’s how Goth Babe was born!

The band formed in January this year are not stopping for a second and already released the EP “Wasted Time” including the magical and fuzzed up track “Sunshine”.  “You took my hand, I let you shine. Feet in the sand, your heart is mine” sings Washburn and then he adds up “Cause your my, sunshine.”

Goth Babe dropped the new single “Dazed” couple of weeks back from their upcoming new EP “Shall We” out October the 1st!


Can you please introduce yourself and tell us how did you start being a band? How did you guys meet?  

Griffin Washburn: My name is Griffin Washburn and I started the project at the very beginning of this year when I moved to Nashville from Memphis, TN. I picked up my live band from just asking good friends of mine to help me play shows,basically, they were all awesome and were in on it.

What’s your first memory of music? 

Griffin Washburn: Oh man, I think my first memory of music is from skateboarding videos. I was really obsessed with skating growing up and of course that turned me on to some awesome music, I was really fortunate there.

Where do you find your inspiration most? 

Griffin Washburn: I mostly find my inspiration from the feelings that I get when I listen to songs that make me feel alive in an exaggerated way. When I’m writing music for my next EP or Singe, I normally make a playlist of songs that give me one particular feeling, and I only allow myself to listen to that playlist until I feel like that feeling of being alive has translated over to my music.

pol1What’s a goal to accomplish this year? 

Griffin Washburn: My one goal for the rest of this year is to put out my upcoming EP titled “Shall We” and tour at least two more times. Maybe get a dog or something too, I kind of am really obsessed with dogs currently.

Nashville’s music scene is absolutely crazy! In a town where a large portion of the population is involved in the music industry, either as talent or in the production or promotion of talent. Do you think artists who want to find success have to be highly competitive? Would you ever move to New York as the music scene there is insane as well? 

Griffin Washburn: Nashville is such a magical place as far as the scene goes, it’s really tightly wound and everyone sees or hears about anything anyone does artistically, whether they know the artist or not, but with that being said, that makes it really cut throat. People either hate you here or they love you here, and I guess if you get either of which you should be grateful you’re getting anything, because it’s still a big city. But I’m very fortunate to grow in an art environment where the standard is so high, I feel like getting respect here makes getting respect anywhere else look so easy.  And I would love to stay in Nashville for at least two more years, moving to Austin or New York would be my next step, still deciding!


How did “Sunshine” come about? It’s literally my favourite song! Feels so summery!  

Griffin Washburn: Thank you! Sunshine is a song I wrote a LONG time ago when I was still in high school, I just thought it fit my stuff back in January well so I went through with recording and releasing it with Wasted Time.

If you had to describe Goth Babe in 3 words, what would they be? 

Griffin Washburn: Hard Working, Alpha Male, Jackhammer


If you could work with anyone either alive or dead, who would it be and why? 

Griffin Washburn: If someone gave me the opportunity to play guitar for New Order when they play “Age of Consent” I would most definitely take it. But only that song, I don’t know any others.

You just did a little tour! Please, tell me what’s the best part and what’s the worst part about touring? 

Griffin Washburn: Yeah! We went to LA it was too perfect. The best part of the tour is the feeling of freedom and almost feeling like there’s nothing else in the world that makes more sense than touring.  The worst part is having a dead phone all the time because there’s not enough charging outlets in one car for four people, but that’s STILL fun so idk about the worst part really.


What’s the song you keep playing on the repeat now? 

Griffin Washburn: Currently its: Sun Burn by Dirty Art Club

What are you currently working on? 

Griffin Washburn: Right now I’m working on releasing another EP and planning out our tour to NY in October, WHOOHOO.

What’s your spirit animal?

Griffin Washburn: Bug



To see/hear more of Goth Babe here: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | BANDCAMP 



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