Today on NAKID we have an exclusive collaboration between artist/creative director Marilyn Monroy and photographer Katy Shayne! Abstract and rebellious the two connect perfectly, seamlessly on a level of creatively that artists dream of. The two set out to tell a story of sexual creative rebellion in a tasteful presentation of every day life and moments – we love it. Here are some words from Monroy herself that accompany the set..

“It could all be easily forgotten like a blurred reflection once vivid and within themed. It can be a flash of lighting flourishing with full esteem of the underlining strengths which have led it to be. Sexualizing to it’s full consent and feeling herself, all it’s takes is a thoughtful move and from there it’s a form of rebelling. A sense of clarity washes over while the crashing of who she is slowly motions for more. Melting unto another, the feeling lingers on while she becomes a figment of imagination with a dance at her feet.”

-Marilyn Monroy

See more of photographer Katy Shayne’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE

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