It feels great to finally be able to pin down a track as a ‘Disciples track’, we’ve been exposed to their early work in the underground scene in the UK with singles like ‘Remedy’ and ‘They Don’t Know’, then the massive hit ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ took over the world like a storm. Every pandora station played the Calvin Harris collab song at least every other 30 minutes, it toped the charts in over 70 countries and got them a couple BRIT Award nominations and an MTV Video Award. It was insanity for Gavin, Luke and Duvall. ‘Yellow’ and ‘No Worries’ with Robin Schulz and David Guetta were also anthems in the scene for a little while. But it isn’t until now that Disciples releases their latest track ‘Daylight’, which is produced, sung and written by them, that we finally get to taste the enterprise of their originative sound. ‘Daylight’ is Deep House superb-ness. I mean, when we say the bass line is heavy on this one, we mean it. The type of bass line club Dj’s would die for. Every note is like a conductive mark for strong vogue like motion, a forceful stump or a fire shuffling combo. Whatever it is you kids dance like now days. Regardless, the track will take you to a place of deep house trance where only you, the beat and the seductive vocals of Duvall and Luke will exist.
We got to catch up with the trio in between their US Tour and their appearance on the already legendary ‘Made in America’ festival, and we talked about their group dynamics, Daylight and about how they plan to take over the industry.

Manuel Frayre: First and foremost Congrats on the Moon man guys, and welcome back to American stages. I’ve noticed that you have been having too much fun all around Europe, playing T in the Park and a few dates in Ibiza. How are the live shows going for you? How is the response of the people at these large events?

Disciples: We love the festival vibes. Its gives us a chance to really interact with the crowd. We’re all about making people feel like their a part of the show rather than just us performing to them. These shows also give us a chance to test out new material, its a special moment when you can tell the crowd “we’re about to play a record thats never been heard before”


MF: ”Daylight” is an absolute banger, I can already see DJ’s all over the world mixing it in their live sets. What was the focus behind the track? It feels inspired by old disco and deep house melodies. Is that a vibe we can expect from you guys in the future?  Because we are totally cool with that.


Disciples: We went to LA to write with a lot of great people for our album. we stayed in Santa Monica because we wanted the inspiration from the beach, not to mention the half naked women on rollerblades. we had some down-time between sessions and we decided to hit the studio and write just as a three, much like how we did in the beginning, which was how we go our sound in the first place. Daylight feels like us going back to our roots, it feels like an extension of Remedy and They Don’t Know. 

MF: Now I think everyone in the world with access to the web has been exposed to the track “How Deep is your Love.” Massive hit, Calvin Harris and Disciples was a match made in heaven. Tell me a little bit about how collaborating with Harris has changed your lifestyle? Has your music itself been influenced by his technique and work ethics?
Disciples: Well before HDIYL we’d go on tour and share a bed in 1 room, now we can afford 3 beds, but still in the same room. haha. Seriously, our lifestyle has always been the same, we make music and we have fun, thats our formula. Calvin has a very unique ear for music, he knows whats sounds good on radio and we’ve taken that on board, we hope he’s taken a few things from us on board too.

MF: So you guys are a group, we do not see many of groups in the industry. What made you guys decide to join forces for Disciples instead of chasing the dream individually?
Disciples: Strength in numbers, Three minds are better than one and it gets lonely on tour. We were working on each others individual projects before Disciples and we just thought, why not just make it one project. As soon as we did that the stars aligned. Music is a collaborative effort, no matter how it may seem on the outside, theres always at least a handful of people that make a record really work.
MF: How is it working together? Do you guys have a way to inspire each other, maybe if one or two of you are experiencing a creative dry spell. How do you guys help each other regain that creative thought?
Disciples: It’s all about energy, 2 of us could be feeling low or uncreative, and the other one may come in with a fresh energy and compete change the direction of the day, thats the beauty of their being 3 people. But if all three of us have a creative block, we just hit the pub.

MF:  Dudes, your music is great, we hope to hear much more of it in the future. In your words, how do you guys continue to stand out in an industry that is so competitive? What do you think makes Disciples better than others?
Disciples: I think just by being unapologetically ourselves has really worked. we haven’t tried to fit in and by doing that people have taken notice. I’d never say anyone is better than anyone else because when you’re being you, there is no competition.

MF: Last question we ask every musician we interview. If you could handpick 3 artist that Spotify could match you with under the ‘Similar Artist’ who would you pick and why? 
Hot Natured
Natedogg & Warren G

if you have to ask, you’ll never know 😉

MF: Thank you for your time and good luck with the new single.