Jeremy Davis, a Dallas native photographer, recently submitted this exclusive editorial starring Impy courtesy of Next Models, and inspired by a chance encounter with our one and only boss man and founder, Dustin Hollywood. When we spoke to Jeremy, he had this to say about the experience, his art, and how he see’s the world:
“I met Dustin at a Halloween party my senior year of college in Dallas. His work made a huge impact on me when I first discovered it about a year before and has remained a constant source of inspiration throughout the years. It was my first time seeing photography in Dallas that wasn’t ridiculously cheesy, completely commercial or overly polished on a level reminiscent of Glamor Shots or Olan Mills.The colors of his film contained a raw energy as they broke up each frame like a dying star exploding in space.
A year later after graduating with a BFA I moved to New York to pursue a career in the arts under the guidance of Gianna Madrini. During my time in New York I photographed 7 seasons of fashion week as a photo journalist for Global Fashion News and had a 2.5 year stint with American Apparel as a full time photographer all while surviving primarily on pizza and bodega coffees.
This October I will be launching a one off line of women’s contemporary fashion that I created called Raw Power. Inspired by the china town patches I’d see strewn about the leather backs of St. Marks place while eating pommes frites, Marcel Duchamp’s “Readymades” and the graphic novel “One Trick Rip-Off” by Paul Pope. The capsule collection will feature 10 one of a kind pieces. The boutique will also feature a series of artist books, fine art, paintings, rosemary scented candles, planted vivariums, rare action figures along with a curated library of books and music.
Raw Power will also serve as a platform to feature artwork, jewelry, clothing and publications from a collective of other up and coming artists. This summer I took the Raw Power collection on the road and headed west in search of shadow walkers and neon demons. This editorial is a glimpse of what I created.”
– Jeremy Davis
See more of Jeremy Davis’ work here:  INSTAGRAM / TWITTER / WEBSITE / FACEBOOK / STORE
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