Ashley Callaghan, an Austin based photographer, travelled to New York this past summer, and on her way there she stopped in Philadelphia to collaborate with model and artist Audrey Kitching to bring NAKID this exclusive editorial. In this black and white series Ashley and Audrey worked together to create a simple story of an artist in her studio. Artist Audrey is often adorned with jewels and at the center of many colorful images. This series exudes an intense focus on Audrey as more of a muse. Ashley says of the series, “I wanted it to be more about her. Less clothes, more body form. Less jewels, more of her studio tools. Close up portraits that focus on her features, but that still represent her.” The two worked together in a perfect artist and muse relationship to bring us a story that begs one to love every part of themselves.

See more of Ashley Callaghan’s work here: INSTAGRAM


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