Photo courtesy of bands website

Beware freak rockers around the globe, Crobot is releasing a new album and my soul could not be more ready, and I’m not alone. There is buzz brewing around this band and their upcoming new album. The crew is conformed of a group of friends from Pottsville, Pennsylvania that are as hard rocking as they are fun. The album titled “Welcome to Fat City” is a clever nod to Hunter S. Thompson’s campaign in the 1960’s to rename the city of Aspen to Fat City. In an attempt to keep out “greedheads” and give power to the “freaks” Thompson campaigned to change Aspen’s name. Naming the album after anything Hunter S. Thompson gives a clue that this guys give no fucks.

Crobot’s creativity breaks all boundaries; on their spare time they make videos about  “Juicifer”, a fictional satanic demon obsessed with juice cleansing. The band also has their own line of rolling papers and beer and has been seen touring with the likes of heavy metal rockers Anthrax and Motorhead but Crobot has a different vibe. Crobot’s sound is solid rock and roll perfect to bang your head to. The band describes their sound as: “ a real 70s throwback sound- very Led Zeppelin meets David Bowie…” A couple of singles off of the upcoming album have been released and they are tasty. The song “Plague of the Mammoths” has a rhythmic pulse with noisy guitar and as the song builds there is some sweet shredding. Overall “Plague of the Mammoths” has a funky vibe to it. “Not for Sale” is another song off of the new album and it is a faster rocking song compared to “Plague of the Mammoths”. “Not for Sale” is a hard rocking, fast moving song that is best played loud. Currently Crobot is on tour with Sevendust.

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