Tokyo Diiva is ½ of American pop/rap music duo ‘Rich White Ladies’, they are known for their exorbitant lifestyle infused music with songs such as the ‘1 percent’ and ‘white powder perm’. Tokyo sits down with us to talk about what it’s like to be a niche pop phenomenon. They released their most recent EP under Motown Records.


NAKID: Tokyo diiva! Thank you so much for sitting down with us sweetheart! We just want to thank you for interviewing with us. We have so much to ask you because you and Scotty Rebel are just everything so I’ll just take it one question at a time, so let’s get into this shit!

T.D.: Thanks for having me & thank you for the love! Let’s spill some tea, shall we?

NAKID: So you and Scotty met in Bronx? How did that happen?

T.D.: I had a talented street crew called “Juice Krew” and I recruited her as a singer. It was major.. the crew was in about 15 different states!

NAKID: Oh damn that’s quite a spread, so how did you guys parlay that initial meeting into deciding that you wanted to be in a pop/rap group together?

T.D.: We didn’t actually! I was working on a project/EP called “Rich White Lady” with Semi Precious Weapons and one day she called me up and asked what I was up to musically and she thought it would be dope to collaborate on something together. When we recorded the first song “One Percent” we all agreed the entire EP should be with both of us and that’s how it began!

NAKID: and so it was…you know what, one of my favourite music videos of yours is Wimbledon, I love the contrast colours, I love the raucous girliness, I love the boss ass goth ass Jessie Morrison cameo, that entire video is everything. How did you guys decide, that was the kind of video that you wanted to shoot for that song aside from the obvious and what was it like working with Fredric who directed Wimbledon?

T.D.: Frederic is amazing & beautiful… and super talented. He’s also my boyfriend *laughs* He has been the magician behind all of our visuals. He’s supported us since day one and always tries to get our visuals out there. Frederic and Myself will talk over and bounce ideas back and forth and then just try to shoot it at convenience since we never usually have a crazy budget. Omar Alexander from NYC (one of my best friends) styled the video with sexy latex tennis attire, and I always have my bunny ears on standby and it just became epic! Jessie Morrison is a mutual best friend and she just oozes sex appeal so it was great to have the goth baby licking tennis balls and adding spice!


T.D.: I have no idea… depends on which personality I am at the time and if it’s the weekend.

NAKID: Shit ebbs and flows so I get that, how did you get acquainted with Justin and Cole of Semi-Precious Weapons?

T.D.: I met them in NYC almost 10 years ago and fell in love with them ASAP! I saw them opening up for Lady Gaga before she was major and I was immediately inspired and knew I HAD to work with them. My good friend Clif Loftin introduced me to them and it’s been history since.

NAKID: Well thank you Clif Loftin, I noticed that you are in Norway a lot, why is that especially when you are Bronx natives?

T.D.: I am always in Norway because I have a thing for Norwegian Vikings. They are delicious.

NAKID: You don’t say! Well hey there’s something we gotta try for those of us who haven’t already. Anyway switching gears a bit, the name Rich White Ladies sounds to me like a play on exactly what it sounds like. I mean you both rap and sing about opulence and trust funds, fashion and just all the things money can do, so with all that said, why did you decide that as two black women from the Bronx, you wanted to title yourselves Rich White Ladies?

T.D.: I was actually in a party in LA and Armen Ra told Justin Tranter my look was “giving rich white lady” *laughs* and Justin thought it would be amazing as a name for my EP. He came up with the concepts and hooks and I wrote my verses and it just accidentally became a political statement. I don’t care for labels and won’t spend my life being referred to as a color. Basically, whoever is offended needs to drink some flat tummy tea laxative and rid themselves of that major stick stuck up their ass. *smiles* Why so serious? Art is intended to generate different emotions but I think it should be fun and it’s all in how the artist wants to express themselves. That is exactly what we are doing. There are some actual wicked culture vultures in our media 24/7, worry about them. We, are harmless 🙂


NAKID: I’m in complete agreeance, I’ve actually heard comparisons made about Rich White ladies to other artists like JunglePussy, Doja Cat and FKA Twigs, what is your take on those comparisons and your place in this genre of melanin infused-pop that I really can’t find a better word for?

T.D.: Never heard of those comparisons, or those artists. I have heard of Twigs, but she should be compared to someone that appropriates gay culture. Not us.

NAKID: Ooh shots fired! Anyway we’ll leave that tea right there and move on, I personally consider you and Scotty highly stylish people, how did that style evolution occur for you?

T.D.: I am actually a designer.

NAKID: Oh no way well that explains a lot could you give us a pie chart of what you are thinking at this very moment?

T.D.: I’m drinking wine and enjoying the vibez of the full moon in Oslo.

NAKID: Sounds like a dope night in. What is a huge pet peeve that you hate seeing or hearing or just hate experiencing?

T.D.: I hate copy cats or people who have not one creative innovative bone in their bodies and either leech off of someone else’s style or just steals someone else’s identity. I’m an actual artist and I think someone’s art being stolen is unacceptable. Nothings new under the sun but these basic minds are running a muck and I can’t take it.


NAKID: I think that’s the worst nightmare of most creatives, that there is a style biter in their midst, it’s quite sad really. Word around town is that you’ll be working with Tricky Stewart pretty soon and we all know about the fire Tricky is responsible for especially with the (American) dream who is one of my favourite artists personally, how did that link up happen?

What town is this you speak of?

NAKID: The town of the internet but backtracking a little bit I noticed you guys shot ‘Kill Bills’ in Bangkok and ‘Fly’ in Phuket and you had a show down there to, can you tell us a bit about what shooting both of those videos was like?

T.D.: Straight Gorilla style. Frederic Esnault behind the handheld camera and us wearing our own clothes, did our own makeup and pumped the streets (and beach) *smiles*

NAKID: It looked like fire, I wish I was there to witness the magic, what is the energy like at your shows?

T.D.: You would have to come and find out. It’s too much of a scandal to explain.

NAKID: Hey we here at this establishment are a fan of scandals so we might just take you up on that. Would you say that you guys are bigger in Asia than you are in America and if so why do you think that is and if not where do you think you guys have blown up more and why?

T.D.: Asians are very smart. We have also done more than one show in Russia and have another later this year. We also did a gay pride tour in the states last year that was a lot of fun. Its really random but amazing.


NAKID: You guys really are international bitches. What were you doing before you and Scotty met and became Rich White Ladies?

T.D.: Living & Enjoying my Life. Traveling and Designing clothes and working on projects with Frederic. I also released solo music videos which I love doing as an artist. Still have a lot of unreleased things I plan on releasing in the future.

NAKID: We cannot wait to see them! What do you think your biggest and maybe even your most noticeable personality trait is?

T.D.: I think I’m intriguing, with my style, attitude and appearance. The way I carry myself is very confident and can be intimidating, and it has nothing to do with clothes or things like that. It’s just a Leo Aura.

NAKID: No lies detected, you know what, I honestly have so many other questions but I’m not trying to monopolize your time so i’ll end it with this next time Nakid Magazine pops into the city you happen to be in, do we have an invite to come kick it with you?

T.D.: Yes please, If you can handle it 🙂

NAKID: What are your Social media handles so that all our readers can get their lives by adding you to their feeds?


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