Beachy but not tropical, soulful but not self-serious — “Amelia Earhart” is the perfect single to introduce the world to the unique brand of uber-chill coolness that is Van Bobbi.   “Earhart” espouses the kind of vibe that Van Bobbi lives his life in—aspirational, optimistic, and chill-as-fuck.  With bouncing synths, a dance-able beat and infectious lyrics, you’ll find yourself putting it on in the car, in the club, at the beach—just about any time life feels awesome, or when you want it to.

Van Bobbi himself is as mysterious as he is undeniably cool.  Equal parts coffee, coconuts, pineapple and rum, the man embraces an island vibe while simultaneously marrying his soul-pop and r&b roots.  You can catch him on tour this fall, championing his new track, staying up til sunrise, and making more than a few bullet-proof coffees.

“Amelia Earhart” will be available wherever music can be found, and also some places it can’t.

Along with this lovely track we have also added Episode 3 of Lunch With Van Bobbi.  This is only one of 5 episodes he has released on youtube.  You can visit his page here to see all of them.  Bon appetit my friends!

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