Liana Bank$ steps up and takes her seat at the hip hop table with her upcoming debut project “Insubordinate”. The debut project of this funky green haired doll drops October 21. “Table for One” is the most recent single released from the project and Bank$ keeps it real.  A catchy poppy beat starts out“Table for One”  and then Bank$ comes in with a sultry voice: “Souls gone cold” she says. Then the bass breaks in. Bank$ smoothly states  “Me, myself ,and I ; solo, don’t want no one by my side; table for one -I’m better off staying all alone”.  Sometimes reality  bites but despite harsh truth the song is an uplifting girl power anthem. And there is nothing wrong with flying solo girl. I’ll take a table for one; I won’t have to share my fries with anyone…. nom nom nom.

The singles released from “Insubordinate” are solid hip hop/R&B /pop songs making Bank$  step out onto the hip hop stage legit. Bank$ takes her game to the next level with the first released single “LVL UP”.  A new show, “Star”,  with Lenny Kravitz and Queen Latifah  will feature the song “LVL Up”.  Bank$ is already an accomplished songwriter having written for Rihanna and Justin Skye.  And dancing for Chris Brown is where Bank$ began her career in the creative industry. Keep an eye out for this chick and her green hair(it is hard to miss); Liana Bank$ is one to watch to see where her creativity takes her.

Photo Via Liana Bank$ Youtube


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