III Points Music Festival has steadily been making a name for themselves, not just in Southern Florida in the midst of Miami and it’s endless creative scene, but across the country. This year looks to push them even farther into the social music scene and festival circuits as a solid need-to-attend festival for 2016 – and if this years lineup is any indication of not only great taste and aesthetic by the amazing team behind the festival then the musical direction they are taking will prove to be something you won’t want to miss for not just this year but years to come. Their lineup, announced a few months ago back in May, has been stirring the industry and Miami in social circles as well as the underground scenes. With the likes of Vince Staples, Danny Daze, LCD Soundsystem, Method Man & Redman, Thievery Corporation, Maya Jane Coles, Thee Oh Sees, M83, Flight Facilities, Earl Sweatshirt and dozens more there is no shortage of  musical love planning to spread over the 3-day fest and Miami as they touch on almost every genre. Festivals like these, spreading the market and experience to more than just EDM or electronic music as the trends have been going the last few years, may mark a change for the better – more music, more differences in sound and aesthetic, opening up the masses to more exposure of some of the best things happening in music right now instead of the over-played electronic scene, that in our opinion is dying slowly.

By no means is III Points only about music though, with their new ‘activations‘, what they are calling their day events, they are setting a design and structure that is sure to engage festival attendees and artists alike – creating a unique cultural party experience that alone is worth going for. Their Vaporwave Mall ongrounds Sunset @ Noon has also beein getting a lot of attention and sure to be a highlight of the entire festival along with a Booty Bass Bounce House x Freeze Dance Party Presented by Mokibaby, Otto Von Schirach & Kryogenifex at their lab in Wynwood this Saturday! 

Performing will be Otto Von Schirach, BASSIDE and Niko Javan along with a Papaya eating contest hosted by Juleisy the Drag Queen! You won’t want to miss!

 BASSIDE was actually one of our featured artists at our Art Basel 2015 event and they absolutely killed it with their energy and unique sound leaving the crowd begging for more!

With nearly 40 experiences, spanning a diverse range of disciplines across the city taking place between October 3rd- 11th you will have no shortage of fucking awesome stuff to do. The festival kicks off Monday with the Vanguard Film Festival and its accompanying NuWave Music Film Festival, this is an inaugural event and the first film fest under III Points’ belt ever, opening up their portfolio and just showing it isn’t always just about the music, but solidifying III Points as possibly the next great art festival to grace not just the Southeast but the United States. The film fest is set to run through Thursday, October 6th, and will screen three films — ‘We Are X’, ‘The Greasy Strangler’, and ‘Contemporary Color’ — as well as music videos submitted to III Points by amateur and professional musicians and filmmakers from around the world.

With the festival jam packed, the bulk of the festival’s activities will take place the weekend of October 7th – 9th. III Points will host its first art auction as well, featuring works in a range of prices curated by art partner Maggie Knox. Their 01 VR Lounge, the first of it’s kind for the fest, is set to also host a series of virtual-reality experiences that will blow your mind, including an open house and a performance with artist Nicole Saucedo. If that wasn’t enough to tire your brain out, they are also hosting a talk with NASA on space habitat architecture for all those space lovers and technology buffs out there interested in seeing how the future will look on other worlds and in space and will no doubt be referencing Mars 2030, the virtual-reality experience concocted by Fusion in collaboration with NASA that will also debut at III Points.

Some other things taking place during the festival will be a Reefa Lives Art Tour which will tell the story of Israel “Reefa” Hernandez discussing gentrification in Lynwood – a roving Love Bus Project set out to register voters in the neighborhood. They will even have a  farmers’ market and a series of panels about coding! This years hugely anticipated Booty Bass Bounce House is back also as we stated before! So get ready for some booty shaking bass music, and an inflatable bounce house with all the free beer, pizza, and tequila your body can handle! Tickets will be going fast and we encourage all our readers in the Southeast or able to attend to make their way to Miami and experience something truly unique that we feel is the future of the industry, and one fucking hell of a time!



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