img030 Jorge Caracheo, is an industrial designer born in Celaya Mexico . Since he can remember he has been passionate about photography, after college he has dedicated his life in creating images. He works with a partner in the studio doing product photography and fashion, while his personal work focuses on portraying feminine beauty. This editorial he submitted to us is a part of his personal project called “Ay Mamita” in which he has been working for 3 years and have shared with us. It is a series of portraits of beautiful girls taken with analog and digital cameras giving to the project a vast, eclectic aesthetic in visual content .

See more of Jorge Caracheo’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM
Model: Thea Zmijewska at GH Management
img_5863 img_5851 img014 img015 img005 img003 img_5703 img022 img020 img_5696 img_5649 img021 img_5702 img001 img_5966 img038

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