Dropping their newest single ‘Fears of Love” on the heels of their success with ‘NMT‘ produced by Twin Shadow, which is all part of their new Vinyl release. Thrillers seems to be taking the music scene and the world by storm! We are happy to say we were one of the first to really write about them, featuring them all throughout 2015 with their numerous releases all part of their EP ‘Cotton Candy Kisses‘ which put them on the musical map! With their disco-esque modern dance ‘Funktronica’ movement, the guys, brothers based in LA, have been setting their sites high and exploding expectations throughout the Los Angeles scene and have even been on the radar of Paper, Milk, Nylon and more!

Photography – Donte Maurice
Music produced by – FASTCAR and THRILLERS

If this new single is any glimpse into the future of Thrillers not only writing but musical prowess we are in store for so, so much more! This is definitely one of the bands to watch out for in 2017!

You can find out more of Thrillers here:  INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / SOUNDCLOUD / WEBSITE