Stéfanie renoma,  is an unconventional and atypical artist, playing on the male body, shaping to give it a disorder ambiguity, a double identity, reinforce by the staging and ornament. The style is claimed, the opposition between man and woman annihilated, all paradox exacerbated. His model type : androgynous, double, man woman, man woman. Because with Renoma, it is this: the reign of androgyny, sexuality becomes obscure. But despite an apparent nudity, erotic tension, desire and a significant propagator, the body is asexual, exposed by evidence and authenticity, as returned to a state of nature.

Combining rock’n’roll and chic disjointed, like its brand, Stefanie plays with clichés. References to fashion and her own fashion design are numerous. The staging is luxurious, opulent, tinged with glamor. Femininity is assumed and claimed, where any masculinity becomes impaired or permanently prohibited. And it becomes fascinating, as a third sex, a sex Renoma. Stefanie grew up in the artistic aura of his father, Maurice Renoma, famous photographer and stylist, founder of the eponymous brand, including all creative geniuses Dali, Andy Warhol, Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot, amateurs or ambassadors. An environment that will progressively develop its critical approach towards traditionalism and naturally guide her to this quirky style.

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DA : Raphael Say || Make up : Odile Jimenez  || Hair and creations : Kevin Jacotot
Model : Mégane Lemiel  || Video maker : Jonas B.production || Jacket and hat: Stéfanie Renoma collection 

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