Words and Photography by Manuel Frayre

Whether you are roaming the streets of Deep Ellum, or at a house show in Denton,Tx. Blue the Misfit has always been the primary name that comes to mind when you talk Dallas Rap Scene. For the past few years, the Dallas music scene has consolidated its talents into a booming music industry that’s worth feeling prideful of for the locals. Part of that movement was Brandon Blue, whose enigmatic charisma and electric performances as Blue the Misfit, provided an unimaginable and wild Hip Hop experience that people didn’t know existed in their own town. Especially by the artist who resides in their own neighborhood.  And like a natural chain of reaction, the public soon started to share the news about the sudden social awakening happening in Deep Ellum.  For most people who were not already active in the music scene, the everyday people, stepping out of their comfort zone and attending a Blue The Misfit show was all the evidence they needed to be captured.  Every show was constantly growing, the crowds were wilder and wilder,  the fans more knowledgeable of Blue’s lyrics,  and all the  photographers and bloggers quickly seemed to jump into the Misfit train.  


In 2014, with the release of ‘Child in the Wild’ Blue managed to dominate major local coverage, being featured in the covering Dallas Observer and being featured in many national publications as the notorious force rising in the south. But now with the famous dreads gone and with a more rebellious fashion apparel, Blue is back with a new album called ‘Perfect Night For A Funeral’. The project showcases a symbolic improvement in production technique and melodic enchantments that are ready to compete with world class productions. Rising a comparison to other Texas giants like Post Malone and Travis Scott who recently dropped albums.

A couple weeks ago, Blue invited us to the exclusive listening party of ‘PNFAF’ at the Alamo Theater in Dallas where he managed to pack the house with nothing but his loyal friends, industry acquaintances and family. The evening consisted of a screening of bizarre visuals while the guest patiently listened to each track from the album. It’s fair to emphasize on the ‘patiently’ part since every person sitting inside that theater had to forcibly contain their excitement. I feel like if it was up to them everyone would just jump on top of their seats and act a fool.


For those close to Blue, it was more than a casual listening party, but an opportunity to see first-hand the creative evolution of a warrior soul and a friend. See Brandon Blue is the type of man that would turn the fuck up with you one night on a Rooftop then beat you at a game of scrabble the very morning after. It is about the precision in which he handles not only his music but every aspect of his endless projects or hobbies. A perfectionist with the heart of a fighter, forever youthful and forever precise. ‘Perfect Night For A Funeral’ is setting up to be a memorable step in his career, but only a small piece of the puzzle of his legacy. Make sure to check back with the rapper later this month when ‘PNFAF’ hits all U.S. markets.

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